Flattery has always been and remains one of the most effective instruments of influence on people. Find out more information here. It is used everywhere. At work, in business, in the family, when communicating with friends. Find out more here. Because many people love it when they are praised, no matter how much this praise is sincere and deserved. Click here to learn more. And in some situations, the most effective flattery is a rather crude and obvious flattery, which nicely fills people’s souls and immerses them in a world of dreams. If you want to know more click here. Despite this, people, as a rule, do not like to admit that flattery influences them, that they succumb to it and become its victim. Click here to learn more. It’s understandable, no one wants to feel weak. Details can be read here. A weakness for flattery is just a manifestation of weakness. Additional information here. Flattery is obsequious, often completely insincere and even hypocritical praise. In order to please him and achieve his favor. It is one of the most common ways of manipulating people. Find out more here. In this article, dear friends, we will talk about why many people are liable to flattery.

Click here to learn more. How to recognize it and of course how to respond to it correctly. So, first let’s find out why people are flattering. Find out more here. It is important to pay attention to your own feelings and the behavior of other people. In order to explain the need for flattery. If you are interested, then the details are written onthis site. You probably know that people want to think about themselves well. If you are a curious person, then you can read interesting information. If they are all right with self-esteem, they think so. And they, naturally, want others to think about them as well, or maybe better. If you want to know more click here. Therefore, they love when they are praised. When they extol their qualities, when they are singled out against the others.

Find out more information here. This gives them confidence, increases their self-esteem, inspires, calms, helps cope with depressed mood and so on. Find out more here. Thus, when we flatter a person, in fact, we tell him what he thinks about himself or wants to think about. And he wants to think so because it is important for him to be meaningful. Click here to learn more. And to be meaningful means to be appreciated by people and to be in demand by them. In turn, allows a person to count on the acceptance of his society and to help other people. Find out more information here. That is, everything ultimately rests on the main task of man. It’s survival. A person can survive in this world only with the help of other people. Details can be read here. That is why it is important for him that people think about him well. Flattery is an affirmation that a person is happy and that he is an important figure in society. Additional information here. In general, when we talk about the influence of flattery on people, we need to understand where it takes strength. Click here to learn more. And its power is not that people love when they are praised, but in people themselves. More precisely in their life. We live in a world that is not always friendly to us. Find out more here. Many of us live in an environment of such people who do not care about us at all and do not expect a kind word from them. Click here to learn more. But for the sense of social belonging, the recognition of other people is very important. Find out more here. But imagine a situation in which you are praised from childhood, telling you that you are the best. If you are interested, then the details are written on this site. Imagine that you would not make everyone happy with you, everyone is delighted with you. Everyone admires you. I understand that it is difficult to imagine, since in the life of most of us everything is quite the opposite.

Find out more here. We are more scolded, criticized or ignored altogether. But still, try to imagine it. Now ask yourself a question. Click here to learn more. When you get tired of it, when you lose interest in those people who are constantly praising you for everything? Obviously, you will get tired of it sooner or later. Find out more information here. You will no longer perceive someone else’s praise as something of value. The reason is an abundance of praise, an excess of human attention, an excess of positive emotions, an excess of admiration from the people. Detailed information can be found on this site. That is, a way of life in which you feel like the king of the earth will make you practically indifferent to flattery. What in our life a lot. We just do not appreciate and do not notice. Click here to learn more. But, one should not forget that people get used to flattery, so even if there are many of them in their life, they do not cease to appreciate it. Find out more here. They just begin to consider it the norm.