It’s not difficult to guess what the power of flattery is. Find out more information here. The fact that a person lacks attention, praise, respect, recognition, love, admiration from other people. If you are a curious person, then you can read interesting information. Therefore, when someone starts to flatter such a person, he perceives it as a sip of cool water in a hot desert. Click here to learn more. We appreciate what in our life is not enough and what we need. Therefore, good flatterers simply give people what they need. Detailed information can be found on this site. To flattery are those who are very flattered and those who have a very high opinion of themselves. Click here to learn more. They love to be obeyed and obeyed by everyone. For them, flattery is not something scarce. For them, it is the norm and a manifestation of obedience from other people. Therefore they only flatter themselves and surround. If you are interested, then the details are written on this site. And do not tolerate those who in some way rebuke them or reproach them.

In this case, flattery is not just sweet for the vainglorious person, but the only true form of communication of other people with them. Additional information here. After all, there are people in our society who have a certain power and authority. Details can be read here. They want to live and live in their own worlds, and in these worlds they do not want to see anything wrong. Nothing that contradicts their beliefs. Click here to learn more. And the more they do not want to see their weaknesses, shortcomings and mistakes. Therefore, they remove from themselves all those who somehow can disturb their comfort by their disagreement. If you want to know more click here. They bring to them those who are ready to tell them every day about their greatness, beauty, strength, outstanding intelligence and suchlike things. Of course, in this life there are a lot of shortcomings. Find out more here. It, at least, relaxes the person and makes him inadequate. But while enjoyment lasts, many people just do not think about it. Therefore, flattery is not only a deficit form of behavior, but also one of the forms of manifestation of obedience.

If you want to know more click here. Thus, on the one hand, those who are not sufficiently self-confident and who lack human attention, love, respect and recognition are flattering. And on the other hand, flattery is loved by those people who have it all, and they do not so much need flattery as they are just used to it and consider it the only correct way of communicating with other people with them. Click here to learn more. So the range of opportunities for flattery, like the way people manipulate, is quite large. Click here to learn more. With its help, you can influence different people with varying degrees of success. Now let’s talk about how to recognize flattery and how to respond to it competently. Find out more information here. Here you need to pay your attention first of all to how you generally treat any praise in your address. It does not matter what you are praised for, and who praises you. If you are very fond of praise, then from flattery you are not protected. Click here to learn more. You will be flattered, and you will melt. You will allow people to control themselves. And to recognize flattery is not so difficult as it may seem. If you are praised and extolled, it always means something. Find out more here. The only question is what exactly. People can be pleased that you have already done something for them, and may want to get some action from you. Look for the reason why other people talk about you well. Click here to learn more. Just so no one praises anyone. And even not so important, is there any reason to praise someone or not – you must always look for the reason that people say something good to you. We need to understand their motivation. Find out more here. Do not forget that out of all the poisons, flattery produces the greatest dizziness. Therefore, if you have a need for praise, recognition, admiration from people. You must be more attentive to those who give you all this. Click here to learn more. After all, even well-founded, well-deserved praise can allow other people to open the way to your heart. And who knows what the ultimate goal is being pursued by a person, telling you what you want to hear.

On the one hand, it is certainly not bad when you are praised. Find out more here. Thanks to someone else’s praise you get confirmation of the correctness of your actions in the eyes of other people. This inspires confidence in you and inspires you to future achievements. Click here to learn more. But on the other hand, I repeat once more, you always have to think about what stands behind someone else’s praise. Sincere admiration for your deeds that have helped people with something, or an attempt to make you more compliant. Click here to learn more. For requests or suggestions. It is also important to pay attention to who praises you. This can explain the cause of praise. Ka says. If the enemy praises you, you need to think about how stupid you’ve done. There really is something to think about. If you are praised by people whom you can not call your friends and who have not benefited from your affairs. Find out more information here. Most likely they simply reinforce your praise with your wrong behavior and your mistakes. Well, if you are praised by a person who in some way depends on you. Click here to learn more. Can not doubt that he needs something from you. As for how to respond to flattery, then there are two most appropriate options. Find out more here. You can remain absolutely calm, pretending that you have not made any impression of flattery on you. Click here to learn more. You can play along with the flatterer so that he goes further and opens his cards. Find out more information here. I believe that any cunning is best answered with cunning.

It is not necessary to discern a flatterer, this does not make much sense, and aggression towards him is completely silly. Click here to learn more. Why show the person that you see his attempts to manipulate you. This will force him to close from you and it will be harder for you to find out about his intentions. Find out more here. It is much better to ignore the flatterer or play with him. Succumbing to his flattery and, if necessary, flattering in response. Let the person show what he wants from you. Then you can already choose the right model of behavior for you with it. Additional informationhere. If you see obvious, rude flattery, it is better to flatter in response. Let him receive in return what he sent you. And can be drawn conclusions. There is no point in reproaching a flattery if he acts too obviously. He is not a skilled thief. Trying to pick up your key to your soul, although you can see everything perfectly. And finally, let\’s find out how we ourselves can use flattery for our own purposes. Find out more information here. After all, it is quite a powerful tool for influencing a person. First of all you need to decide what you want to achieve with flattery. The fact is that flattering everything in order to just like people is not a good idea. Find out more here. Many of us, though they love it when they pour honey in their ears, but still flatterers often cause us to distrust. If you want to know more click here.